Hello Harvard University Club of Houston community:

You are invited to the HBS Houston Alumni Angels' January 22, 2020 Pitch Night from 5:30 PM to 8 PM at The Royalton on Allen Parkway.  Please scroll down the page for all the details.













Early Registration Tickets (ends January 21st):

HBS Club Members - $35
HBS Affiliate Angels Members - $35
Guests - $40


Tickets after January 21st:

HBS Club Members - $40
HBS Affiliate Angels Members - $40
Guests - $40


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Mark your calendars and plan to attend our next Pitch Night!  The evening will highlight companies with very compelling  technologies and services across several industry sectors.  Featured companies include:


Lazarus 3D - Lazarus 3D designs and manufactures life-like models of human tissues and body parts that mimic the mechanical properties of real anatomy.


Irrigreen - Irrigreen's Digital Sprinklers "print water" in the shape of your lawn, saving approximately 50% of your water, stopping embarrassing overspray / runoff and eliminating wasteful, overlapping arcs of conventional systems.


MetOx - MetOx High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Wire will enable better power supply, grid stability, medical devices, and advances in transportation - empowering possibilities today, and into the future.


Sandstone - Sandstone is an innovative technology and healthcare start-up company producing medical products and research tools designed to improve healthcare by bringing the point of care closer to the patient, increasing access, reducing costs, improving sample preparation, and enhancing performance of bodily fluid analyses including blood and semen. 

Aatonomy - Aatonomy software makes adding machine learning and computer vision capabilities to legacy hardware easy.  The first product, a $100 drone with GPS-free, vision-based follow-me capabilities, is currently available.  They are working on autonomous buses.

Vigilent - Vigilent's Remote Identification (RID) technology for drones provides a fully-FAA-compliant solution for drone identification and tracking, ensuring the safe integration of drones in the national airspace, public safety and privacy, as well as enhancing capabilities for law enforcement, military, national security agencies and commercial enterprises.



For more info, please click here or email angels@hbsclubhouston.com.




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