Schools & Scholarships



Our schools and scholarship committee shows continuing growth, interest and dedication. Our outreach program with college fairs at area high schools has grown exponentially from 16 events in 2022 to 41 events in 2023 involving several alumni representatives. Our college fairs and events cover a physical territory spanning over 11,000 square miles, larger than the state of Massachusetts! We also continue to actively recruit alumni interviewers and bring on about 30 new interviewers annually. We plan and sponsor a three hour annual interviewer training event with our Cambridge admissions representative for our docket. We arrange for our Cambridge admissions representative to come to Houston to meet our interviewers and train them, tour Houston high schools for three days and meet local high school students, and host an event for promising area applicants. Our club interviews all the applicants in our docket, which totaled 585 last year. We had 190 alumni interviewers who brought in all our reports on time. Our schools committee has tremendous enthusiasm and outreach to our community. Houston had a 94% matriculation rate of admitted students accepting their admission to Harvard last year.  Committee co chairs are: Julia Bailey,, Richard Ou,, and Kathe Pate,  Please let us know if you are interested in participating on this committee.